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Paving Sealer Facts

Paving sealer facts

Here are some common questions we are asked with regards to our paving sealers. If you do not find the information you are looking for please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.

Also see the product data sheets for further information.
We manufacture high quality sealers here in the UK for direct sales to the trade, general public, DIY enthusiasts, and to other retailers.

To reach the same protection level as one coat of our product you would have to apply three or more coats of a similar product purchased from the big DIY stores.
Block paving sealer containers

There are some sellers on well known auction sites selling sealer at very cheap prices - how do they do it?

  • Made from paint resin (not tough enough for driveways & paving)
  • Low grade resins (poor performance)
  • Made from recycled paint (paint with the colour stripped out)
  • Resin content is very low, i.e. 5% resin – 95% thinners (diy stores)
  • Poor quality imports
  • Inferior products will only save you money if you don’t purchase them

These products are not the same as ours, Sealers Direct products are British manufactured (by us) using the very best performing polymers.

No Fillers - No Thickners - No Extenders

Our HD & Ultra HD sealer range is formulated with tough, high performance, acrylic resin solids, suspended in a unique blend of high quality organic solvents
  • High solids pure resin content
  • Tough and durable
  • One or two coat application
  • Non yellowing
  • UV stable
  • Bonds and stabilises jointing sand rock hard in block paving joints
Our Eco range is our latest high performance, solvent free acrylic sealer, utilizing cross linking resin technology and free of high VOC solvents like Xylene and makes this one of the most safest sealers to use for the trade and DIY
Block paving sealer HD container

Paving sealer FAQs

Which is your most popular product for sealing block paving?

For non-enhancing colour it is our Eco HD block paving sealer
For colour enhancing it is our Premium Ultra HD block paving sealer

How do I use the product?

Using our products are straightforward; a good tip is to remember is apply sealers in dry conditions and ensure the surface is dry.

You can apply sealer by:
Most contractors these days will use a sealer sprayer that is made specifically for the job. Garden chemical sprayers are not right for the job as they block up quickly and produce a conical spray pattern most of the time. The ideal spray pattern should be a fan jet. Application instructions can be found on the product page and each container is labelled. 

What does 'solids' mean?

'Solids' is an alternative description for the resin within the product. This description gives you an indication of the resin content within the sealer.
The higher the resin content, the more resin is left on the paving and the more effectively the paving is sealed

Most paving sealers available from builders' merchants, big DIY stores and some websites are very low resin solids

Is solids content most important?

Solids content should be a main consideration along with choice of resin, quality and performance.

What coverage should I get from 20 litres (1 drum) of sealer?

This is a bit of a grey area as some surfaces are more porous than others. For example, block paving is more porous than printed concrete, so block paving will take more product per square metre. The application method also makes a difference, you may find that rolling or brushing makes the product go further than spraying.

There is also a difference between the correct coverage and making the sealer spread as far as possible, the more you spread the product, then the less product you will end up with on each square metre and the less each square metre is sealed. You won’t save money by making the sealer spread as far as possible and coverage rates should only be taken as a guide

Which are better: Acrylic (high solids) or Polyurethane (PU) sealers?

The true answer is that they are both good and are suited to different applications

You also have to consider the use of the surface to be sealed, ease of application, and the applicator's skill and experience level

The most commonly used is the acrylics due to ease of use, how easy it is to rectify a mistake and cost

Cost is a big factor. Our top-of-the-range Ultra HD (ultra high solids) acrylic sealers are £109.00 inc vat for a 20ltr drum. An equivalent true polyurethane sealer will be around £200/240 for 20ltrs

Any cheap polyurethane sealer you see advertised will be blended with other cheap polymers to bring the cost down

What will happen if I get caught out by the rain or residual damp after I’ve just sealed my paving?

Our Eco HD solvent free range will not be affected but you will probably need to apply another coat when dry. All solvent based sealers will probably bloom. Our HD & Ultra HD range is specially formulated to resist blooming where possible

What’s a bloom?

A bloom in the sealer can take the appearance of a milky white or silvery cloud affect and may be apparent in patches, spots or across the whole area after drying

How do I rectify a bloom?

Our Solvent range:
When dry, brush or spray bloom rectifier to affected areas only
Repeat if necessary, allow to dry and re-coat
If you experience a bloom in your finished sealed surface please understand that this is not a product fault and is rectifiable

Not as simple, bloom rectifier will have no effect
Surface will have to be mechanically abraded (grit blasted) or stripped with nitric acid then cleaned and resealed

If you need any further information please drop us a line below or call Nigel direct on: 07899 748333 (factory mobile)
  • Block paving before cleaning

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  • Block paving after cleaning and sealing

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  • Block paving before cleaning

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  • Block paving after cleaning and sealing

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