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Tarmac sealer clear HD data sheet

Tarmac sealer – Clear HD (heavy duty)

Our top of the range, highly durable, tough, solvent free, clear heavy duty renovating coating/ sealer

Stabilises and stops fretting off (loose bits of tarmac)
Waterproofs to resist the formation of moss, lichen and weed growth
Prevents penetration of dirt, oil and fuels
Protects against frost and reduces surface deterioration Environmentally friendly
Heavy duty

Ready for use to weather seal and protect tarmac surfaces

Product is milky and cures clear

3-4 m2 per litre – 1st coat (approx) by roller
6-8 m2 per litre – 2nd coat approx) by roller

2 coats minimum for best results
Additional coat will increase performace and longevity
Surface should be structurally sound

No surface change or depending on surface porosity, may slightly darken tarmac or very slight sheen that will disapate after a period of time.

Dry to walk on usually within 2hr - During normal temps Lower temps and areas in the shade will extend drying time Recoat when dry
Do not park vehicles on surface for 48 hrs

All surfaces should be clean and free from loose debris, flaking material, dust, dirt, grease and vegetative growth.

Allways complete a test area
Cut in edges with a large fence brush
Long pile roller/ broom/ brush

*Avoid over flooding surface
* Brush out pooled sealer
Do not leave pooled sealer to cure

For cleaning equipment use water & detergent

Do not use below 8˚C. Protect stored product from frost and freezing For your protection and safety, wear gloves, overalls, and eye protection

Keep children and animals away from sealed surface till dry Be aware that sealed tarmac will repel surface water
Do not allow sealer to pool - Do not seal wet or damp tarmac Do not start sealing if rain is imminent
Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using

Do not use chlorine, bleach, sodium hypochlorite, acid, Paveclear or Paveclean chemicals prior to sealing

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Remove splashes from the skin with soap and water

The specification and coverage rates are given in good faith and are based on our experience and knowledge but without liability

As Sealers Direct has no direct control over the methods employed by the user in applying its products, any warranty either written or implied is given in good faith and can only cover the material itself

If in doubt regarding any of the above points please contact us A Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request
Technical information or advice call: Nigel 07899 748333
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